Stress Treatment

Long-term stress can negatively impact a person's health and lead to pain and disease. At our Fremont office, Dr. Troy Brainard uses various chiropractic adjustments to reduce stress and relieve the pain it can cause throughout the body.  

Understanding Stress

Understanding Stress

At some point, everyone feels stress, which is the body's reaction to demands and change. It can occur after positive changes such as the birth of a child, before a wedding, or after a promotion. Many people can cope with these feelings and the physical, mental, and emotional reactions from their body, when a person doesn't get relief and stress becomes chronic, it can start to affect their health negatively. 

Signs of being overstressed include,

    • Dizziness
    • Tiredness and exhaustion 
    • Grinding teeth clenched jaw 
    • Headaches 
    • Muscle tension in neck, face, and shoulders
    • Upset stomach
    • Increase or loss of appetite
    • Weight gain or weight loss
    • Sexual performance issues

Many of these symptoms can be reduced or eliminated by reducing stress. However, neglecting these problems can lead to additional medical issues such as long-term teeth grinding can damage teeth, damage dental hardware, cause jaw pain, and temporomandibular joint disorders (TMJ.) Additionally, long-term stress can lead to other health issues such as,

    • Cardiovascular disease
    • High blood pressure
    • Depression
    • Gastritis
    • Psoriasis and other skin problems

Reducing stress and learning healthy methods to cope with the body's response to it can significantly improve a person's overall health. One way to achieve this is with chiropractic treatments.

What Can a Chiropractor do to Relieve Stress?

Spinal alignments are one way to reduce stress. This involves a rapid, application of pressure by the doctor using the short arm to a patient’s vertebra, which releases joint pressure buildup. You may hear a cracking sound during this adjustment. This initial treatment can provide immediate, short-term relief. Patients not significantly relaxed beforehand may not experience satisfactory pressure release. Often, your chiropractor will apply ice or electrical muscle stimulation before spinal alignments for a better response. 

Does Relief From Chiropractic Care Take Long?

Many patients experience significant relief during their first appointment with the doctor. However, they still need to continue with several office visits to eliminate symptoms and find long-term stress reduction. Treatments may occur three or four times a month and slowly tapper to once a week, then once a month, and finally, only need to follow-up if symptoms start to return. Your chiropractor may also provide a list of exercises and stretches and suggest regular massage therapy sessions to help keep stress levels low.  

Is Stress Leaving You in Pain?

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