Chiropractic Allergy Treatment in Fremont, NE

Chiropractic Care for Allergy Treatment by Dr. Brainard

When allergy season is in full swing, most people will stock up on antihistamines, tissues, and eye drops. They take drowsiness-inducing, habit-forming medications that block the nerve impulses that release histamine to make them sneeze, wheeze, cough, and cry. At Brainard Chiropractic in Fremont, NE, Dr. Troy Brainard has a better idea: chiropractic care. Your doctor of chiropractic can relieve the pain and inconvenience of allergies with a holistic approach.

Chiropractic Care for Allergy Treatment by Dr. Brainard and Dr. Chvatal

How Allergies Work

Allergies are a case of the immune system working overtime. The immune system encounters an allergen, such as pollen, mold, dust mites, grass, or weeds, and treats it as an invading bacterium or virus. It churns our antibodies that attach to the cells lining your nose, throat, and bronchial tubes. In turn, these cells activate neurotransmitters that tell surrounding tissues it's urgent to get rid of the allergen. Your body will try to cry it away, sneeze, or lock it inside inflammation, even though it is harmless.

How Chiropractic Treatment Cures Allergies

Your chiropractor is an expert in treating diseases of the spine. Your spine protects your spinal cord, the electrical connection between your brain and the rest of your body. One of the surprising findings of recent medical research is that the better connected your brain is to the rest of your body, through your central and peripheral nervous systems, the less you experience the symptoms of allergy, such as itch and tingling. It's as if a faulty connection is the real problem. When your nervous system isn't conducting information well, you can't stop a sneeze. Mind over allergies is possible when your spinal cord is well-connected from your brain to the rest of your body. 

Your chiropractor enhances the brain-body connection with spinal adjustments as needed. Your doctor of chiropractic uses this technique to reduce pain, but also to reduce the transmission of unpleasant sensations of allergies, such as itching. With your brain-body connection working optimally, then the chiropractor can help you with simple changes in lifestyle, diet, and nutritional supplementation to "tone down" your immune system's hyperactive response to allergens. All of this is done without drugs that can make your sleepy all day or aggravate eye problems or high blood pressure. Your chiropractor can also help you with stress reduction, which reduces the severity of allergy symptoms while you are responding to your treatments.

Don't suffer needlessly. Let your chiropractor in Fremont, NE help.

Dr. Brainard is ready to help you with allergies and any other health issue. Request an appointment online or call us at (402) 727-8668


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