Sciatica Symptoms and How Your Chiropractor Can Help

Sciatica can be very painful. It also can be debilitating, keeping you from your daily routine. Proper and immediate treatment will help minimize the impact on your life. The skilled chiropractic treatment and care you will receive at Brainard Chiropractic in Fremont, NE will do just that. We will determine the cause of your sciatic nerve pain and provide the treatment necessary to resolve the issue.


What Causes Sciatic Nerve Pain?

Your sciatic nerve extends out of your spinal column in your lower back, it then splits and runs through your buttocks and down each leg. An injury to your lower back can cause inflammation and put pressure on your sciatic nerve. If a vertebra in your lower back has been moved out of alignment, it can rub up against it. Also, a herniated disc can aggravate the nerve. In some cases, a tumor can grow on your spine and push against the sciatic nerve. 

What Are the Symptoms of Sciatica?

Symptoms of sciatica normally just affect one side of the lower extremities of your body.

  • Lower back pain, possibly extending over to your hip
  • Pain in buttocks
  • Pain and muscle weakness in either thigh
  • Burning pain, tingling, or numbness in leg
  • Shooting pain in leg when trying to stand up

Treatments for Sciatica Provided by Your Chiropractor

Since there are a variety of causes of sciatica, the first thing your chiropractor will do is to determine the cause of your sciatic nerve pain. Have you fallen or suffered an injury lately? Has the pain and symptoms developed over time or was it more of a sudden occurrence? It is important to determine the cause in order to correct the problem.

If you have fallen or been involved in an accident lately, your chiropractor will check the alignment of your spinal column. If they determine a vertebra is out of place, they will manually work the vertebra back in place. If they discover a herniated disc, then they will make sure it has room to recover and is back in its normal position. Both of these actions will take pressure off of your sciatic nerve, relieving the pain they cause. In addition, massage and physical therapy will work to reduce the swelling that would be putting pressure on the nerve. 

It is possible that your pelvis is out of alignment. Since the sciatic nerve runs through a small space in the pelvis, any misalignment can push the nerve up against bone. Swelling in the pelvis will do the same thing. In this case, your chiropractor will adjust and realign your pelvis as well as treating the swelling. This will allow the sciatic nerve to return to its normal path.

Massage and muscle stimulation will help the muscles to relax after having a sciatica episode. This will help to reduce swelling and increase blood circulation. These treatments will help you to regain strength and mobility in your back and legs.

Precise and Effective Treatments Will Help You to Return to Normal Life 

The caring staff at Brainard Chiropractic in Fremont, NE will determine what exactly is causing your sciatica. Instead of just treating symptoms, we get right to the heart of the cause and provide the necessary treatment. Give us a call and set up an appointment with us today. 


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