Headache and Migraine Relief in Fremont, NE

Chiropractic Diagnosis and Treatment of Headaches and Migraines

Headaches and migraines are common afflictions that can significantly impact an individual's quality of life. Our chiropractor, Dr. Troy Brainard, emphasizes a holistic approach focusing on the relationship between the spine, nervous system, and overall health.


Dr. Brainard is a qualified auto accident chiropractor who has treated many patients with auto accident injuries. Auto accident injuries can cause neck, back, and other painful symptoms. Brainard Chiropractic is the best choice for treating auto accident injuries in Fremont, NC.

Understanding Our Chiropractic Approach

Chiropractic care is rooted in the idea that misalignments or subluxations of the spine can lead to disruptions in the nervous system, causing various health issues, including neck pain, headaches, and migraines.

Our auto accident chiropractor believes these misalignments can interfere with the body's healing ability. Dr. Brainard aims to correct these misalignments by using hands-on spinal adjustments to restore proper nervous system function.

Diagnosis and Assessment at Our Practice

We begin by thoroughly assessing the patient's medical history and lifestyle factors that could contribute to headaches or migraines. We also perform physical examinations to evaluate posture, spinal alignment, and muscle tension. Advanced diagnostic tools like X-rays and MRI scans may be used to understand the spine's condition.

We pay particular attention to the cervical spine, as misalignments in this area are often associated with headaches and migraines. By identifying these misalignments, Dr. Brainard can tailor his treatment plans to each patient's needs.

Our Chiropractic Treatment Techniques

Chiropractic treatment for headaches and migraines primarily involves spinal adjustments. These gentle, controlled manipulations aim to realign the spine and relieve pressure on the nerves. These adjustments can help improve blood flow, reduce muscle tension, and alleviate nerve irritation, all of which can relieve headaches and migraines.

These adjustments can help patients with neck pain. We may incorporate complementary therapy, such as massage, stretching exercises, and lifestyle advice. Patients are often guided on ergonomic improvements, stress management, and nutritional changes that can contribute to overall well-being and reduce headache frequency.

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Chiropractic care offers a holistic and drug-free approach to addressing headaches and migraines. We aim to provide long-term relief and improved well-being. Brainard Chiropractic is the top choice for those looking for an auto accident chiropractor in Fremont, NC. Call us at (402) 727-8668 or visit our website to request an appointment today. 


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