Chronic Pain Treatment in Fremont, NE

Chronic pain is a daily companion for millions of people. It can prevent you from living a full life and affects other aspects of your overall health. Your regular doctor may or may not be able to help, but especially with musculoskeletal issues, your chiropractor is a good resource. Chiropractic treatment for chronic pain is often quite successful. Additionally, a chiropractor can offer lifestyle and nutrition advice you might not get from your regular doctor. Read on for more about chronic pain, courtesy of Brainard Chiropractic in Fremont, NE.

man suffering from chronic pain in his wrist

What is Chronic Pain?

From a medical viewpoint, pain falls into three categories: transient, intractable and chronic. Transient pain is acute but short-acting. Typical examples you stub your toe or hit the “funny bone” in the elbow. Constant, severe and overwhelming pain is classified as intractable. If pain persists more than three months and doesn’t respond to the usual treatment strategies, it is considered chronic. Chronic pain affects the entire nervous system; it can even change the structure of the brain.

Chronic Pain Has Multiple Causes

Almost any musculoskeletal or nervous system problem can produce chronic pain. Arthritis, repetitive motion injuries, and whiplash from an auto accident the list goes on. Even poor posture can result in chronic pain because people guard and change the way they move, creating secondary problems. Nervous system problems like migraines are another source of pain. Autoimmune conditions, irritable bowel syndrome and diabetic neuropathy are other possibilities. People with chronic pain often develop related problems, such as sleep disorders, depression, and anxiety. They may also self-medicate with alcohol, nicotine and illegal substances. Even your diet can affect your pain levels by creating inflammation.

How Chiropractic Can Help

No matter what the source of your pain, you are likely to compensate by changing your gait and body mechanics. Irritable bowel syndrome may cause you to hunch over, causing back pain. Limping puts stress on the back and opposing extremity. Your chiropractor will assess your posture, body mechanics and other symptoms to develop a plan of care. Spinal and joint adjustments correct alignment problems. Targeted exercise programs stretch and strengthen tense muscles. Massage can also be beneficial and helps relieve stress. Your chiropractor may also suggest dietary changes, as diet can have a big impact on your overall health and wellness.

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