Personal Injury Treatment

Reliable Personal Injury Treatment

From playing sports to taking out the trash, everything we do can result in injury. Even sitting at the couch all day can lead to an injury. That being said, we must always be prepared for when these injuries occur. Once these injuries do happen, seeking care is important for a speedy recovery. If you’re looking for a professional team to help you move past an injury, then be sure to contact Brainard Chiropractic. Located in Fremont, NE, we’re happy to serve those in the entire surrounding area. We have a doctor who can solve your needs quickly while reducing pain and discomfort. Now that you know who can treat your personal injury, you may be wondering about the common injuries out there. Keep reading to find more information on the common personal injuries many of us experience, including how our office can help. 

Reliable Personal Injury Treatment

Ankle Sprains

Even those not involved in sports have most likely experienced an ankle sprain. From minor sprains to more extreme ones, these sprains can result in a great deal of pain and discomfort. If you come into our office for an ankle sprain, our team can help alleviate pain with massage therapy, corrective exercises, stretching, and more.

Muscle Strain

No matter your age, no matter the activity, muscle strain is very common. While pulling and straining muscles can happen all over the body, they seem to be most common in the neck and back. When we see a patient for a muscle strain, we will show them many stretching solutions to help revitalize these muscles. We may even add pressure to these areas and might also apply some cream to help with pain and tightness.

Broken Bones

While many personal injuries are minor and only need minimal treatment, there are more severe injuries like broken bones. Broken bones can happen from many different ways and the injury can be pretty painful to deal with. From minor fractures to extreme breaks that take months to recover from, a chiropractor can help restore mobility and get you on track with life. Corrective exercises and massage therapy are a few treatment options that help restore normal bone function. 

Knee or Shoulder Injuries

Given the complexity of the knee and shoulder, it is common to have a personal injury in one of these areas. We use our knees or shoulders for tons of different activities and the amount of ligaments in these areas makes the treatment difficult. However, we have a doctor experienced in treating a wide variety of knee and shoulder problems. 

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