Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is a common condition in adults across America, but you don’t have to let it control your life. Learn how our team at Brainard Chiropractic in Fremont can help in this short guide.


Causes of Lower Back Pain

Your lower back supports you throughout the day, including every step you take, every moment you sit, and each time you bend. Any of these tasks can lead to issues like misalignment, herniated discs, muscle injuries, and nerve compression – specifically on the sciatic nerve. Some of the most common causes of such injuries include:

  • Sitting for long periods
  • Repetitive lifting, bending and twisting – especially when using improper lifting techniques
  • Being overweight, pregnant, or carrying heavy objects, including backpacks
  • Car accidents
  • Sports injuries

Signs It’s Time to See a Chiropractor

Generally speaking, it’s never a bad time to see your chiropractor. Even if you’re not in pain, we can help you maintain a healthy spine, which contributes to your overall health. When you first experience pain, a chiropractor can help address the problem early. However, at a minimum, you should visit your chiropractor if you meet any of the following:

  • Pain does not go away after a couple of days of rest and stretching
  • Pain is preventing you from carrying out necessary tasks
  • Your overall quality of life is suffering

Chiropractic Care for Lower Back Pain

Chiropractic care is designed specifically to detect and treat both the root cause of your pain as well as the symptoms with natural methods. For example, the solution to misalignment is simple: realignment through spinal adjustments. This not only takes care of the root cause of the pain but also relieves the symptoms.

Soft tissue therapy is also very effective. It relieves tension and inflammation while pulling oxygen and healing nutrients to the target area. It also helps restore your range of motion and all these benefits help relieve pain. Spinal decompression is a gentle way to stretch the spine. As the stretching occurs, compression is relieved from the nerves and discs and healing nutrients are pulled to the site.

Corrective exercises are also commonly used. They are targeted movements that help stretch and strengthen the damaged areas, which not only enhance your healing but help prevent issues from happening in the future. These are just a few common techniques that are utilized, but your treatment will be customized to meet your needs.

Find Lower Back Pain Relief with Our Chiropractor in Fremont, NE

Are you ready to say goodbye to lower back pain? Schedule an appointment with Brainard Chiropractic by calling our team today at (402) 727-8668 or reach us through our website by using our online contact form.


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