Neck Pain Treatment in Fremont, NE

Neck Pain Treatment with Our Chiropractor

Neck pain may come from a personal injury, chronic condition, or stress to the region. No matter the cause, a chiropractor at Brainard Chiropractic in Fremont, NE, and nearby areas can assist.


Diagnose Your Neck Pain

The first part of your neck pain treatment will consist of us determining the cause of your neck pain. This may include our chiropractor asking questions about what could have triggered the pain. We’ll ask about your medical history, including if you’ve ever had arthritis or another similar issue.

After our diagnosis, we may determine whether your neck pain is from whiplash from a car accident injury. It could also be from sports-related damage or personal injury related to an assault.

You may strain your neck from your habits. For instance, you spend prolonged time looking at your phone or tablet. Or, you have a job that requires you to look up.

Treat Neck Pain

After determining the cause of your neck pain, our chiropractor will determine a course of action for you.

Sometimes, your treatment plan will consist of receiving a chiropractic adjustment focused on your neck, which is a cervical alignment. However, remember that our chiropractor may provide an adjustment that targets more than just your neck.

We may treat your neck pain with chiropractic exercises. With this particular treatment, our chiropractor will guide you through exercises that work your neck. These stretches gently and slowly move the soft tissue in the neck. As a result, you’ll stretch your soft tissue to promote healing and draw blood to the area.

Lifestyle Changes

Our chiropractor may also recommend lifestyle changes that can ease your pain. For instance, if you have a job that requires you to look at a screen for prolonged periods, our chiropractor will inform you of how to position your monitor to lessen the stress on the tissue. In addition, we recommend you take breaks frequently to stretch the area.

Let’s say you look down at your phone a lot. We’ll educate you on the correct posture to reduce stress in that area, such as using a stand to hold up your phone or using your eyes to look down at your phone, rather than tipping your head at your neck.

Contact Our Office Today!

At Brainard Chiropractic in Fremont, NE, and the neighboring communities, we help patients with neck pains from various issues. We can determine whether you have a chronic or acute problem caused by soft tissue stress.

If you’re sick of neck pain or recently experienced a car accident injury, like whiplash, or personal injury, contact us today by calling 402-727-8668.


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