Protect your privacy during your treatments

You have the right to pursue the medical treatments you need without sharing that information with anyone. Your treatment choices are yours alone, and you have the right to keep those choices completely private.

The Health Information Privacy and Protection Act is designed to ensure your health information is fully protected throughout your course of treatment.

Find out about our privacy policies and procedures

When it comes to your medical information, there are only very specific situations in which your information should and can be shared. It is important for you to fully understand these policies so that you can make confident decisions about your medical treatments.

Review our policies regarding compliance with HIPPA and our privacy policies here.

Know your rights to accessing your information

You have the right to access your medical information and obtain copies whenever you need them. You also have the right to amend your information if you feel it has been presented incorrectly.

Get more information about how to request your records here.

Get the treatments you need with complete privacy

Whether you are coping with chronic headaches, spinal degeneration, or sciatica, you deserve personalized treatment provided with respect and confidentiality. Regardless of the treatments you pursue with us, you are protected by HIPPA and our privacy policies.

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