Proper Workplace Ergonomics

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The workplace is where many people spend most of their time. It is important to ensure that you have proper posture and workplace ergonomics while in the office or at your desk. Sitting in the same position can cause pain and sore muscles. At Brainard Chiropractic in Fremont, NE, our chiropractor provides tips on how to maintain proper workplace ergonomics to avoid pain. If you do develop chronic pain, we will find a natural treatment for you.

Start with Posture

Good posture is something that everyone should seek to practice, especially at work. In many cases, extreme pain can be avoided with small strides to sit upright while at work, school, or in the car. Slouching affects the entire body and can damage your spine and muscles. Our doctor of chiropractic will show you how to sit correctly while working. Proper posture is also good for spine health and overall wellbeing.

Invest in a Good Desk Chair

The best desk chairs encourage excellent posture by having lumbar support. You should also position your chair so that it allows you to, at a minimum, sit at eye level with your computer. You should also consider a desk that works well with your chair. It may not be the best idea to purchase a desk with a high surface if you know that your desk chair offers low seating.

Change Things Around

There is something about repetition that wears on your body after a period of time. You should try not to sit in your chair all day without moving. Do your best to get up and move around every once in a while to keep your blood flowing. Repetitive movements, like typing on a keyboard, can also cause pain and lead to conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome. Try to stretch a little to avoid pain. If you can, switch up your seating arrangement, too.

Visit Our Chiropractor in Fremont, NE for Chronic Pain Treatment

If you are experiencing pain after sitting at a desk all day, we can help. At Brainard Chiropractic in Fremont, NE, we provide chiropractic care to alleviate pain from poor workplace ergonomics. Call us today to schedule an appointment.


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